Sunday, 19 June 2011

Some more time on the MTB.

I popped over to Llandegla forest this morning with Dan for a quick blast around the black trail.
There are a few newish sections which have been added/altered since I was last there, and they defiantly are a good addition! In particular the new section of jumps called 'The Parallel Universe on the first major black section are pretty spicy!!
The ride went well, no incidents to report, and the trail isn't as wet as I thought it may have been, although as normal, it was pretty busy.
All made for another enjoyable ride, and hopefully more progress with the foot.
Hopefully it will be time shortly to get back on the rock with a few classic Vdiff's!

                                                     The new Parallel Universe section

The Video content is not mine.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Back With A Bang!

As you can see, the blog has not seen much activity over the recent months. Not for the want of trying though, more like the old broken foot is still causing me problems, 11 months on!
Anyway, this week I completely had enough of not being active and with so called, 'profesionals' telling me I should be doing this and that, and me saying, "I have been doing that for months, it wont help!".
So I decided to get back on the bike for some stimulation. As the pain I get in my foot is caused by a side to side motion I knew this would cause me minimal discomfort compared with trying to climb again!

That all lead me to rolling up at  the start of Penmachno trail at 8.30 this morning. Dan was obviously with me, after pretty much being stuck without a partner in crime for the last year.

I have ridden loop 1 of the trail a few years ago, and always fancied going back. This time we did loops 1 &2 as the foot was feeling good, this cant be said for me though, months of watching tv and doing little else certainly shown, but this is what I needed!

The trail itself was exciting to say the least. It was pretty wet after some rain last night, resulting in the rock on the trail being VERY slippery, and with it being a natural trail you encounter lots of it! The flat (ish) open sections high up were pleasant with the weather holding off and there being virtually no wind.
As expected, in those conditions and with us  making the most of being back out, we both took a trip over the handle bars on the duration of the course. Dan had a great one, as his front wheel seemed to suddenly slip from under him, leaving Dan whithering in the overgrown rough. Myself, I slid on some polished wet rock slabs, not getting the turn in, which sent my front wheel off the track and down a small drop, I then conveniently got propelled over the bars and into a waiting tree trunk!!
It was great to be back out,  even though I was blowing at times, and up to now, the foot feels ok.

                                          Dans tumble, ha  ha. I was quick with the camera!

If your looking for a rugged trail, with fast, twisting singletrack, boardwalks, beautiful views and a great remote feel, then give Penmachno a try!