Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Autumn Round-up

Rockfall on El Cap

Yesterday a huge rock fall occurred on the south east face of El Capitan. Amazingly, as its currently 'big wall', season, nobody was harmed.
Routes were being climbed at the time, but fortunately these routes were not in the firing line. If anyone was heading over to the East Buttress it would have been fatal!
Climbers are advised to STAY AWAY from this area, as further rockfall looks likely.

Dali's Hole access issues - Progress

Progress has at long last been made on securing access to Dali's Hole at Dinorwig Slate Quarries.
After months of access issues and conflicts with the land owners First Hydro, positive steps have been made to secure access for climbers. First Hydro have  now agreed in principle to a BMC proposal for the BMC to manage the climbing at Dali's Hole area.

Read more here at the BMC's website: http://www.thebmc.co.uk/News.aspx?id=3962

Action Direct - Another Repeat

The latest climber to repeat probably the most sought after F9a in the world is Polish, Adam Pustelnik.
He becomes the 3rd Polish climber to climb at this grade, and in what better way than by climbing 'Action'.

1. Wolfgang G├╝llich, Germany (1991) - First ascent
2. Alexander Adler, Germany (1995)
3. Iker Pou, Spain (2000)
4. Dave Graham, USA (2001)
5. Christian Bindhammer, Germany (2003)
6. Richard Simpson, UK (2005)
7. Dai Koyamada, Japan (2005)
8. Markus Bock, Germany (2005)
9. Kilian Fischhuber, Austria (2006)
10. Adam Ondra, Czech Republic (2008)
11. Patxi Usobiaga, Spain (2008)
12. Gabriele Moroni, Italy (2010)
13. Jan Hojer, Germany (2010)
14. Adam Pustelnik, Poland (2010)

 More here : http://www.planetmountain.com/english/News/shownews1.lasso?l=2&keyid=37632